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What is Private Money in Hawaii?

Private money lending is a commonly used term to refer to hard money lending. Hard money as opposed to more traditional soft money comes generally from private local individuals that have a strong knowledge base in local real estate. Private money is for the most part more expensive that institutional, conventional or government backed mortgages because there is a higher risk to the lender. However, there are also many benefits to a private lender such as flexibility, speed, and experience. What may take a bank 60 days to fund a loan can take a private lender less than a week with little to no credit checks, references, bank statements and so on.

CoHI is the premier private equity lender in Hawaii. We offer no hassle quick financing using the equity in your real estate as collateral. Since CoHI is the direct lender and when you call you speak with a decision maker we can tell you if your deal will fund and generally it does in days not months! We have extensive knowledge of the real estate in Hawaii and can make quick, educated decisions about your loan. Hard money or private equity loans can be made easy here in Hawaii. Please call with your questions or submissions.