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Mortgage Brokers and Hawaii Hard Money

CoHI - Hawaii's premier real estate hard money lender has been working with mortgage brokers for years when institutional and conventional funding is not the answer for your clients. WE PROTECT BROKERS.

You have done the 1003, gathered all the paperwork, pulled your clients credit and gone back and got more documents.  You have put together a loan package, sent it out to several commercial lenders only to find out that you have to do more work only to be told the loan is a pass. 

Sound familiar?  At CoHI we need very little information to let you know very quickly that this is a loan that can fit into our Hawaii hard money parameters. Stop spinning your wheels obtaining additional information and get the loan funded.  We are decisive and operate quickly. Private Equity real estate loans in Hawaii can be made simple and that is where CoHI specializes. Submit you loan today online or call (808) 633-8201.