Abour Our Hawaii Lending Process

Our process is based on accuracy and speed. Usual turn around time from term sheet to funding is 4 weeks. It can be done in matter of days if that is necessary.

Our Lending Process:

  1. Submit your loan application by applying online, e-mailing us, or calling our offices at (808) 214-1044.
  2. Upload all pertinent documents online here, or email them to us.
  3. We will issue a term sheet outlining the pricing, rate, and terms of the loan. If accepted, the borrower will sign the term sheet and return to us.
  4. Site visit is scheduled and a title company of your choosing will issue preliminary title commitment. Title Company must be in a position to issue and Alta policy prior to close.
  5. After initial review a BPO or appraisal may be needed, not always.
  6. Loan documents are sent to title and borrower for review. 
  7. Loan is closed and funded.    

We do not fund or make any loans to be used by the borrower for personal, family, or household use. Multiple property types will be considered, however, borrower must be seeking funds for only business or investment purposes