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We Fund Commercial and Investment Properties
All Commercial, Industrial, Land, Multi Unit, and Investment 
Loan to
 Up to 65%
3 months – 18 months
Only Rate:
Varies on complexity of deal
Origination: Varies on property and terms
Locations: Maui, Kauai, Oahu and all of Colorado
Timeline: 1 – 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the deal


CoHI is a direct private real estate lender based in Hawaii and Colorado.  We are 100% private lenders actively seeking deals to fund. If a loan is of interest to us, we offer a term sheet and then fund with ZERO upfront costs.

David Schmidt
808-633-8201    (Direct)
303-722-9688    (Colorado)
COHI LLC  |  Private Equity Lending in Hawaii & Colorado   

Private Money Loans in Hawaii

Private Money Loans in Hawaii
Private money loans are from individuals where the rules that apply are similar to those with a hard money loan. Each deal is underwritten seperatly and and individually. The parameters are about 65% LTV or LTC with sensible exit strategies. Beware people who claim to be a lender and ask for up front fees to analyze the loan. CoHI does not charge any up front fees for loan analysis. Hawaii private money is a fast and easy way to fund a real estate loan.  Call today.

The Need For Speed - Rapid Hawaii Hard Money Closings

The Need For Speed - Rapid Hawaii Hard Money Closings
Commercial loans typically take 60-90 days to fund either it be institutional or conventional funding. There is no easy way to get commercial loans funded quickly. There will be piles of paperwork, due diligence packages, pro forma adjustments and finally the lengthy and costly appraisal. Don't forget the detailed examination of credit history, financial statements and as well as two years tax returns. 

CoHI requires one thing. Real estate that has enough equity to warrant a loan. Generally we look for at least 30% equity in the property for example if a property is valued at $1,000,000 then we would be able to lend at the most $700,000 or a 70% Loan to Value. Obviously LTV changes with the property type and location.  Please see Lending Guidelines for further questions. 

If all of the above refers to your needs and speed is of the essence then we can complete a transaction in 7-10 days.  we do not require an appraisal nor have an exhaustive and lengthy application process. We generally make a decision within 24-48 hours if we want to fund the loan and do not require a due diligence fee. There are no loan committees because you will speak with a decision maker the day that you call.

Please contact CoHI or call 808-633-8201 for a free evaluation of your Hawaii Hard Money Loan.

Mortgage Brokers and Hawaii Hard Money

Mortgage Brokers and Hawaii Hard Money
CoHI - Hawaii's premier real estate hard money lender has been working with mortgage brokers for years when institutional and conventional funding is not the answer for your clients. WE PROTECT BROKERS.

You have done the 1003, gathered all the paperwork, pulled your clients credit and gone back and got more documents.  You have put together a loan package, sent it out to several commercial lenders only to find out that you have to do more work only to be told the loan is a pass. 

Sound familiar?  At CoHI we need very little information to let you know very quickly that this is a loan that can fit into our Hawaii hard money parameters. Stop spinning your wheels obtaining additional information and get the loan funded.  We are decisive and operate quickly. Private Equity real estate loans in Hawaii can be made simple and that is where CoHI specializes. Submit you loan today online or call (808) 633-8201.